To Maastricht and the north

Belgium ladies and men’s teams are split today – with the two ladies football teams taking on the first pan Euro of their season and a men’s 15-a-side playing on Maastricht. As we have yet to manage bilocation, Jelena will be reporting from the Netherlands and I’ll be covering the action up north…. Best ofContinue reading “To Maastricht and the north”

Belgium Regional Football Tournament – Happy women – 12th April 2014

5 “Belgians” and the rest of the world       Ladies of Belgium GAA turned out in force for the Belgium GAA regional football tournament, with 26 players on the day ready to don the red (tigers) and grey (grey haired) jerseys of Belgium. The teams, even, faced off against themselves, and players fromContinue reading “Belgium Regional Football Tournament – Happy women – 12th April 2014”

Better late than never: Guernsey 2011

Note from the editor: Last year, I received this article about the football tournament in Guernsey for submission to a newsletter that never came about. It’s about time that the article was published in a public forum and what better time than the day before the first tournament of the year and the day beforeContinue reading “Better late than never: Guernsey 2011”