Belgium bound for Bayern(Munich) & we need to talk about Kevin

It is cold, it is wet, it is miserable and yes, it is early July. This is unfair. It is bucketing down and wet and cold and *gasp* Belgium have been knocked out of the World Cup. Its just not fair or ok. With nights without 3 matches ahead of us, its going to beContinue reading “Belgium bound for Bayern(Munich) & we need to talk about Kevin”

Munich Tournament Report: The Ladies

(Editor’s Note: the following is the Munich tournament report detailing yet another triumph for Belgium GAA’s footballing women, written by the irrepressible Whisk) Belgium A + Belgium B + injured supporters Ana & Lorraine + Coach W + Avril Brennan = Ladies Winners of Munich tournament 2009!! Well, where to start – yet another incrediblyContinue reading “Munich Tournament Report: The Ladies”

Munich Tournament Report – 2009

The following is a tournament report from the first Pan-European Football Championship of 2009, held on 25 July in Munich, Germany. As usual, the organisation of the tournament was a triumph from start to finish – many thanks and well done, Munich GAA! Editor’s note: this post concerns only the matches played by the BelgiumContinue reading “Munich Tournament Report – 2009”

Belgium hopes for new heights as the European Football Championships begin

The long-awaited European Gaelic Football Championships begin in Munich this weekend, and over 50 Belgium GAA players will fly to the Bavarian capital tomorrow to go to battle in the first of the four pan-European tournaments. 26 lads and around the same amount of lassies will travel. These impressive travelling numbers are a great indicationContinue reading “Belgium hopes for new heights as the European Football Championships begin”