To Maastricht and the north

Belgium ladies and men’s teams are split today – with the two ladies football teams taking on the first pan Euro of their season and a men’s 15-a-side playing on Maastricht. As we have yet to manage bilocation, Jelena will be reporting from the Netherlands and I’ll be covering the action up north…. Best ofContinue reading “To Maastricht and the north”

Belgium Conquers Germany and Spain

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” If Charles Dickens was a member of Belgium GAA, he might have rewritten A Tale of Two Cities, basing it in Frankfurt and Barcelona on the weekend of 11 June 2011, and making that first paragraph dramatically more positive. But he wasn’t, andContinue reading “Belgium Conquers Germany and Spain”

Football Round One: Luxembourg 2011

Saturday 9 April 2011 saw Belgium GAA face scorching temperatures and strong oppostion in Luxembourg. The first round of the mens Benelux championship and the ladies pan-European championship took place in Berbourg. It was a long day, punctuated by sunburn and ambulances.The mens teams were divided evenly for the day, with the A team comingContinue reading “Football Round One: Luxembourg 2011”

The end of the beginning of a new Belgium GAA tradition

A note from Eoin Sheanon: Congratulations to Munster on their performances throughout the tournament and their deserved victory in the first Belgian Interclub tournament. The tournament will finish next Tuesday (20 July 2010) with winners Munster and 4th place Dublin playing against 2nd place The West and 3rd place Leinster. The game will kick offContinue reading “The end of the beginning of a new Belgium GAA tradition”

13 July 2010 – Outstanding display from Munster sees them take inter-club tournament as Connaught/Ulster/Clare (CUC hereafter) exit with a whimper

Report by Pearse O’Caoimh Munster 3-13 Connaught/Ulster/Clare 1-4 Both Munster and CUC came into the final round of games unbeaten as the crowds swelled around parc 50 in anticipation at what was expected to be the showcase match of the tournament. Though a quick glance at the sides during the warm up told a differentContinue reading “13 July 2010 – Outstanding display from Munster sees them take inter-club tournament as Connaught/Ulster/Clare (CUC hereafter) exit with a whimper”

8 July 2010 – Munster’s travelling circus moves on as the West awakes

Dublin: 0-8 Cork, Tipperary, Limerick, Waterford, Laois, Offaly, Cavan, England, Kenya, Romania, half the FC Irlande football team, anyone who has ever stepped into the hairy for a pint and the referee: 2-10 On the way up from Strasbourg yesterday afternoon the man on the radio told me that there was a heat wave inContinue reading “8 July 2010 – Munster’s travelling circus moves on as the West awakes”

30 June 2010 – The Quartering of Belgium

Background: the illustrious captain of Belgium GAA’s Mens Football A team, Eoin Sheanon, took it upon himself to rally the troops during the unexpected mid-season off-season of European football, by organising the very first Belgian Interclub League. With a wealth of players to choose from, the players were divided (very evenly*) into 4 teams: MunsterContinue reading “30 June 2010 – The Quartering of Belgium”

Belgium GAA Take Double Honours in First Home Tournament

Monday 10th May Belgium GAA took a clean sweep of cups in their first home tournament on 8th May. Former President of the GAA Sean Kelly MEP presented the cups to captains Caoimhe Ní Shuilleabháin and Eoin Ó Seanáin on an historic day for Belgium GAA. Belgium Ladies won Round 2 of the 2011 Euro-LadiesContinue reading “Belgium GAA Take Double Honours in First Home Tournament”

Belgium GAA Ladies and Mens Football Tournament – 8 May 2010

On Saturday 8 May, Belgium GAA will host its first tournament of the year, which will take place in the Catholic University of Leuven/ Louvain (more information on getting to the pitches below). Updated information: This is the link to the schedule (mens and ladies) for Saturday – This is the first time thatContinue reading “Belgium GAA Ladies and Mens Football Tournament – 8 May 2010”

Munich Tournament Report – 2009

The following is a tournament report from the first Pan-European Football Championship of 2009, held on 25 July in Munich, Germany. As usual, the organisation of the tournament was a triumph from start to finish – many thanks and well done, Munich GAA! Editor’s note: this post concerns only the matches played by the BelgiumContinue reading “Munich Tournament Report – 2009”