‘Dilly-Dally’ Davey’s soccer shocker

Corcaigh, 10th November 2009

The authorities in Cork, more commonly referred to as ‘shades’ or the ‘5-0’ are growing increasingly concerned over the reputation of one of their most respected local GAA players, a Mr. Dave Barrett from Kinsale.

“Dilly-Dally Davey,” as he is fondly known by local GAA aficionados, caused bloody riots and mass suicide in rebel country earlier this year when images of him playing soccer – “foreign games” – were circulated in local media.Continue reading “‘Dilly-Dally’ Davey’s soccer shocker”

Match Reports, Rennes GF Tournament

Better late than never, here are the match reports from the Rennes Gaelic Football tournament held on Saturday, 3 October.

For the usual sharp analysis of the Belgium Men’s A team performance, please see D. Barrett’s blog.

Below are the tournament reports from (1) the Men’s B team, courtesy of our own burshting Breton Matti Bertrand, and (2) from the Ladies team, courtesy of the irrepresible Sylvia McCarthy.Continue reading “Match Reports, Rennes GF Tournament”

London Calling – The Exiles Cup

On Saturday 10 October, Belgium GAA was honoured to host two of the GAA’s leading lights, London clubs Tir Chonaill Gaels and Tara GFC.








The visiting teams arrived by Eurostar on Saturday morning, primed for battle despite the inclement conditions.Continue reading “London Calling – The Exiles Cup”

Saturday October 10: Triple-Bill of Games at Parc Cinquantenaire!

(Ed’s note; due to unexpected developments Setanta will not be flying to Brussels for the tournament)

Saturday October 10: Double-Bill of Games at Parc Cinquantenaire!
* 12.15 – Football: Belgium Men Vs Tir Chonaill Gaels (London)
* 13.15 – Football: Belgium Women Vs Tara GFC (London)Continue reading “Saturday October 10: Triple-Bill of Games at Parc Cinquantenaire!”

Near Miss for All-Ireland Glory!

(Ed’s note: the Belgian Ladies Footballers formed the majority contingent of the European team competing in the Ladies All-Ireland Sevens Chamionship.)

The sun shone valiantly down on the pitches of Naomh Mearnog GAA club in Portmarnock, on the last Saturday of September. It is hard to tell if it was the faint heat emanating from this sun that warmed the faces of the 50+ teams scattered throughout the GAA complex, or the blood, sweat and tears that are part and parcel of any sporting tournament, not least the All-Ireland Ladies Football Sevens.Continue reading “Near Miss for All-Ireland Glory!”

Belgium GAA hurlers issue reply to Kilkenny’s 4 in a row

The Grand Slam plus one – Five in a Row – European Hurling Champions! Belgium hurlers travelled to Den Haag for the final tournament of the European Hurling year on Saturday to line out against a depleted Den Haag side. For numerous reasons Lux, Zurich and Paris all failed to travel. With the championship already won there was only pride and enjoyment to play for and the two sides set about doing just that. The format for the day was three 20-minute periods and while Belgium comfortably rotated players throughout the game the beleaguered Den Haag squad all played the full 60 minutes.Continue reading “Belgium GAA hurlers issue reply to Kilkenny’s 4 in a row”

From Chairman Mao to Deity Gill

Belgium GAA’s own Olof was back with his own kind over the weekend as Clare Island entered the ferocious All-Island football tournament. The Clare Islanders, who had previously faced stiff competition in Belgium, were one of eight islands from Donegal to Cork who were prepared to battle for glory against some of their most hated rivals. Details of the weekend tournament are difficult to come by and few attempts have been made to communicate as it is assumed that legendary levels of intoxication will have rendered almost everyone involved completely incoherent. What is know is that both the men’s and ladies’ squads of Clare Island returned home victorious and Belgium GAA salutes them both!

Belgium Ladies retain European Crown

(Editor’s note: before we give the floor to the epic tournament report, Belgium GAA is pleased to report that our Ladies football team retained their European Championship in style in Copenhagen on 29 August. Following hot on the heels of our hurlers, this is the club’s second silverware of the year. Well done, ladies!)

A report on the Copenhagen Tournament. All fact, no fiction.

Conflict in Copenhagen: Alarms, Alcohol and a bit of football

Perspicacious observers saw the danger lurking in the wings. The Beatles, they said, the boot thrown at Beckham. Maradona, the Supremes, Simon and Garfunkel… Yes indeed, all too often success can sow the seeds of its own destruction, the warm bonds of friendship fissure into the chasms of bitter rivalry, intoxicants and stimulants stain the purity of sporting promise.Continue reading “Belgium Ladies retain European Crown”

Belgium GAA at All-Ireland Football Final!

Thanks to the creative efforts of Conan and our success on the pitch there’s a buzz growing about Belgium GAA. Don’t believe me? Check out the programme of the upcoming All-Ireland Final between Cork and Kerry and you’ll find Belgium GAA prominently featured. And really, with a club as good looking as we are it’s a wonder they didn’t ask us to do the centrefold!