Belgium GAA Last Player Standing Competition

The Belgium GAA Fundraiser: Last Player Standing is back. The competition is based on the upcoming Premier League Season starting on Friday, Aug 5, 2022. This fundraiser was a success last year with over 100 people signing up during Covid. You don’t have to be a club member to join as the competition is open to all! The entry fee is €10 with the winner receiving a total prize of €250. You can register for the competition here:

Each week, simply pick a team playing that week to win – if your team wins, you go through; lose or draw and you’re out.

If you already made an account last year then you should be able to log in using your email again. Please click the “Donate” button and pay via that link (PayPal). Once you have done so, you should automatically get entered with “1 life”. An alternative option is to pay via bank transfer which you can so so by contacting the club and we will provide the account details.

Competition Rules:

  1. Each week, simply pick a team playing that week to win – if your team wins, you go through; lose or draw and you’re out.
  2. You can only pick a team to win once so be tactical about who you pick and when
  3. All selections must be in before the game week closes. This is normally 60 mins before the first game starts
  4. Should you forget to make your selection in any week, you will automatically be assigned the first team that you have not selected in alphabetical order. (A reminder email will be sent out so you dont forget).
  5. If your team’s game is postponed you are automatically put through to the next round, and you cannot select that team again.
  6. If more than one participant remains at the end, the accumulated ‘scored for’ of their selected teams will determine the winner. This also applies if during the competition the remaining players are knocked out in the same gameweek then the player with the highest score will be the winner.
  7. If the remaining players ‘scored for’ points are equal then there will be joint winners. (Unless those players agree to continue).

European Hurling/Camogie Tournament Report: Munich July 23 – Camogie off to a winning start!

The First round of the European Hurling/Camogie Championship kicked off in Munich this year which saw Belgium GAA bring 37 players mad for action. We fielded a total of one Camogie team and two Hurling teams that competed in an action-packed day. Our Camogie continued their good form by winning the competition outright with both men’s teams falling short.

Champions of Munich (and Aperol)

12 Hurling teams competed on the day with Belgium ‘A’ (Schuman) and Belgium ‘B’ (Flagey) in search of some silverware. Belgium ‘B’ (Flagey) were drawn into a very difficult group losing out to Amsterdam/Augsburg, Munich, and Hamburg. All was not lost as this meant the lads had qualified for the plate semi-finals against Darmstadt/Strasbourg. A great performance by Flagey secured the win by beating Darmstadt/Strasbourg: 1-09 to 0-02. This meant that Flagey were up against Vienna in the plate final but lost out to them by 5 points. Belgium ‘A’ (Schuman) managed to win all of their group games and topped their group by beating Luxembourg ‘B’, Berlin GAA/Zurich, and Stuttgart. Schuman were drawn against a strong Amsterdam/Augsburg side which was a very exciting game with Belgium scoring a goal in the last couple of minutes to draw the match, but lost out after conceding two late points in the end. This meant Schuman were matched up against the host Munich in a 3rd/4th place playoff and won it at the end of a long day to take home the bronze.

Here we are now, all the lads

For Camogie, the tournament was run on a round-robin format with Belgium only fielding one team with the new 9-aside format. The Camogie team managed to win all their games in the round robin defeating Hamburg/Setanta Berlin/Darmstadt, Luxembourg/Berlin GAA/Zurich, Vienna/Paris/Zurich, and Munich ( / indicates an amalgamation). By topping their group, they were matched against a strong Luxembourg side which they only managed to beat by two points in the group stages. This time around the Camogie team was stronger and won the final by four points. This was a great success for the club which has the camogie team a step closer to winning the European championship.

Daughter-Mother Duo of Sara and Lili Velazquez

Overall the day was a very enjoyable and well-run tournament by Munich, so congrats to them on that. It was great to see so many Belgium players make the journey to play small ball (and drink big pints). A great individual performance from Marcus Cosgrave saw him win the player of the tournament award. Marcus didn’t let man, ball, and hurl go by him in the full back line, so congrats to him and up the Rebels! Soline Whooley collected the trophy for the Camogie pointing out a great team performance. Next up we take the trip to Luxembourg (September 3), where the Hurlers will be looking to go further than last time and Camogie will be aiming to keep up their winning performance.

Marcus Cosgrave (Kind of) collecting his player of the tournament trophy

Reminder: Belgium GAA is hosting a Last Player standing competition with the prize of €250. Register here:

Belgium GAA Mid-Season Soiree BBQ: What’s 15 in French?

With the smell of suncream in the air, Belgium GAA hosted a mid-season soiree BBQ in the ‘difficult’ conditions of 34-degree heat. The BBQ was held at the VUB with everyone spending most of their time in the shade while enjoying some warm cans and great food. A few games of  Kubb and Spikeball (Seanie Ryan & Baynes undefeated) with a great playlist in the background from DJ John Mc.

Excellent food was provided and a shoutout to all the people who volunteered in setting up, cooking, and cleaning on the day as it wasn’t easy! Another shoutout to some of the organisers: Aidan Walsh, John McClean, Me (Seanie Ryan), Ronan Quinn, Mary Anne Issacs and the rest of the Committee. Cheers to Baynes doing everyone a solid by collecting and delivering all the burgers, sausages and salads. Thanks to everyone who came and made the day a great enjoyable day out. Now, what everyone has come to see from clicking this article: Pictures! Please see all the photos from the day and always tag the club (be like @rootoloot).

Benelux Hurling/Camogie Tournament Report: Maastricht June 11 – 1,2,3 Belgium!

The second and final round for this year’s Benelux hurling/camogie tournament held in Maastricht saw BGAA Camogie field three teams with hurlers fielding two teams. A total of 45 players lined out in the Belgium Colours which resulted in the BGAA camogie team ‘Les Tintins’ winning the competition and the hurlers losing out in the final. For the first time in a while (maybe ever?), three teams from the same club were competing in a camogie tournament which was great to see!

Belgium ‘Schuman’ after the final whistle still smiling

Seven hurling teams competed in Maastricht with Belgium in both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ competitions. For Belgium ‘B’ (Flagey) they started off the day against Luxembourg ‘B’ which resulted in a tough loss. Their performance improved for the 2nd game where they were defeated by Den Haag narrowly. The last game of the day ended against a strong Eindhoven side in the blistering heat which didn’t go the way of Flagey. The lads deserved their pints at the end, who did the club proud with their performances and have something to build on for the next tournament. For Belgium ‘A’ (Schuman), they competed in a group of 3 with Luxembourg and Amsterdam. A great win in the first game of the day beating Amsterdam with a score of 1-16 to 1-10. With Luxembourg defeating Amsterdam in their first game, both teams agreed to play straight in a final. We started with the bare minimum of 9 for the final. During the game, we had another injury which resulted in the injured Brendan O’Donoghue coming out of the shower and having to stand in goals wearing his lovely chino shorts (scoring 2 points). At halftime, Belgium was only 3 points down but a strong Luxembourg side ran away with it in the end winning the competition.

Shoutout to Bull for driving the party bus

Only three Camogie teams were competing in this Benelux round with all three teams being Belgium, with Luxembourg adding some players to ‘Les Tintins’. The three teams were named after famous Belgium comic books ‘Les Schtroumpfs’, ‘Les Chats’ and ‘Les Tintins’. ‘Les Tintins’ had some BGAA players wearing the Lux colours for the day!

‘Les Chats’ topped their group winning both their games against ‘Les Schtroumpfs’ (4-09 to 4-08) and ‘Les Tintins’ (4-04 to 2-07). ‘Les Tintins’ managed to beat ‘Les Schtroumpfs’ 4-06 to 3-06 to qualify for that final spot. This meant ‘Les Chats’ and ‘Les Tintins’ were matched against each other in the final. ‘Les Tintins’ won the competition with a final score of 3-12 to 4-03.

Áine Charlton and Alex O’Sullivan (Lux) collecting the trophy for Les Tintins. Sean Gunning with his Blue Steel impression

Over the two Benelux rounds, Belgium Hurlers managed to finish 1st and 2nd respectively. The hurlers will now have their eyes on the first European Championship round which takes place in Munich at the end of July. With the Camogie team winning both Benelux rounds, they will be looking to keep those great numbers and form for the first round also. The past two Benelux rounds have been great preparation overall for the European Championship. The aim now is to get more competitive game time for both codes against teams from all over Europe while having fun doing so.

Some Belgium GAA players enjoying the pints back in Brussels afterwards

Benelux Football Tournament Report: Leuven May 21 – 3 in a Row!

Another great weekend hosted by the Earls of Leuven which saw Belgium GAA women field a total of 3 teams! Another successful day for our ladies’ team saw them take home the championship and shield trophies while our men’s team fell short of qualifying for the final. 53 players in total lined out in the Belgium colours for the competition.

The men’s team managed to top a difficult group against Leuven, Luxembourg ‘B’ and Amsterdam ‘B’. They started the day off with a win against Luxembourg ‘B’. The 2nd game of the afternoon was against Amsterdam ‘B’ who managed to knock the lads out in the previous round in Eindhoven. This time, Belgium managed to overcome Amsterdam ‘B’ from behind with a great performance. The final game of the group was against the hosts Leuven, who also won their two games. Another very tough game saw Belgium defeat Leuven. With Belgium topping their group they were matched against Den Haag in the championship semi finals. A game which was forced to extra time with the men’s team just falling short at the end. 3rd place is where they finished for the day as Leuven conceded the 3/4th place playoff.

Some of the Belgium men’s players spent the day competing with Frankfurt who managed to win the Sheild final which was great to see! Thanks very much to Frankfurt for hosting the lads and giving them plenty of game time.

The lads enjoying the hospitality hosted by Leuven

For the first time since 2010 in Benelux, a ladies’ team managed to field a total of 3 teams. The first meeting of the day was Belgium ‘A’ vs Belgium ‘C’ which saw ‘A’ take the win. Belgium ‘A’ continued their good form by beating Den Haag/Hamburg/Maastricht and Luxembourg to top their group. Belgium C wasn’t as successful in the group and qualified for the shield completion. In the other group, Belgium ‘B’ managed to beat Dusseldorf/Frankfurt but fell short against a strong Amsterdam side and the hosts Leuven. This meant Belgium ‘B’ joined Belgium ‘C’ in the shield competition with Belgium ‘A’ going for the top spot in the championship.

Belgium ‘A’ won their semi final against the host Leuven 4-08 to 2-03, which meant a repeat of the first two Benelux finals against Amsterdam. Belgium ‘A’ came out on top this time where the result didn’t reflect on how tough the encounter was, with a final score of 5-08 to 0-08. It was also Grainne Aylward’s first time making an appearance with Belgium GAA in 3 years!

An interesting affair was on the cards for the semi final of the shield where Belgium ‘B’ were up against Belgium ‘C’. Belgium ‘C’ managed to get their first win of the day by defeating Belgium ‘B’ and qualifying for the shield final. Belgium ‘C’ finished a great day with another win by beating Dusseldorf/Frankfurt in a close encounter of 1-09 to 2-04 in the shield. This meant another trophy was travelling back to Brussels on the quick train journey home!

Smiles all around after a very successful day for the Belgium Ladies Team!

The ladies team continued to show their dominance of the Benelux competition who have won all 3 tournaments so far this season and take a step closer to winning it outright. For the women to field 3 teams and take home the championship & shield titles on the day, it is safe to say that it’s a magnificent achievement and the players/management should be extremely proud. For the men’s team, it’s back to the drawing board for them but they still remain in contention for the Benelux championship, so it’s all to play for!

Photos of the day can be accessed here.

Benelux Hurling/Camogie Tournament Report: Den Haag May 7 – Double Delight to Start the Season

A great weekend for the Hurlers and Camogie players of Belgium GAA as we saw both teams winning the first tournament of the year in Den Haag. A total of 38 players made the trip across the Dutch border which had an action-packed afternoon of small ball.

There were two Belgium GAA teams split evenly for the camogie competition with Cologne/Dusseldorf and a combined team of Den Haag, Maastricht, Amsterdam and Luxembourg. Belgium ‘A’ and Belgium ‘B’ won their opening two games against Cologne/Dusseldorf and the combined team. Belgium ‘B’ managed to win their game against Belgium ‘A’ in the last game of the group. This meant that both Belgium teams qualified for the final with the cup guaranteed to make the journey back to Brussels. The final was a close encounter that saw Belgium ‘B’ win 2:07 to 2:05 against Belgium ‘A’. Soline Whooley captained the Belgium ‘B’ side who thanked the referees and Den Haag for hosting a great day.

There were 8 teams in total for the hurling competition which saw two groups of four teams. Belgium also had two teams on the day with Belgium ‘A’ competing in the championship group and Belgium ‘B’ in the shield. Belgium ‘A’ started the day with a tough game against Luxembourg but they managed to get the win. Next up was against the hosts’ Den Haag which resulted in a win of 0-16 to 1-03. With Amsterdam winning their two games as well, both teams decided to skip the last group game against each other and play the final instead. It was a great physical game had Belgium ‘A’ leading at halftime by 1 point. The hurlers had to dig deep but gave a great 2nd half performance to win 1:18 to 2:10. Belgium ‘B’ were competing in the shield group with Eindhoven, Cologne/Dusseldorf and Lux B/Maastricht. Unfortunately, Belgium ‘B’ didn’t manage to get a win out of the 3 games but the 9 hurlers gave it their all without having any subs to bring on.

Another successful day overall that saw both codes complete the double. Soline Whooley and Brendan O’Donoghue captained their respective sides. Both teams had great individual performances all around with congratulations to Aoife Mahon and Alex Quinn who won player of the tournament in their respective codes. Alex has now won a hurling and football player of the tournament in Benelux this year which is great to see. Next up is another Benelux round in Maastricht on June 11 where both teams will be looking for a repeat of the first tournament.

L To R: Aoife Mahon (Player of the Tournament), Soline Whooley (Camogie Captain), Brendan O`Donoghue (Hurling Captain), Alex Quinn (Player of the Tournament)

Photos taken throughout the day

Benelux Football Tournament Report: Eindhoven April 23 – Two in a Row for the Women!

Another great weekend of football in Eindhoven where the ladies football team won the tournament with the men’s falling short to take 3rd spot.  With 50 players in total travelling, we had 4 strong teams wearing the red, black and yellow.

The women’s team were looking to continue their great form after winning the first round in Maastricht. Belgium ‘A’ had a perfect morning by winning all 3 of their group games beating Luxembourg ‘B’, Nijmegan and Eindhoven/ Maastricht. Belgium ‘B’ had a very tough group losing to Luxembourg ‘A’, and Amsterdam, but had a convincing win against our neighbour’s Leuven. This meant that Belgium ‘A’ qualified for the championship semi-final and Belgium ‘B’ in the shield semi-final. Both teams won their semi-finals with Belgium ‘A’ beating Luxembourg ‘A’ and Belgium ‘B’ beating Luxembourg ‘B’. Unfortunately, Belgium ‘B’ lost out by a slim margin of one point to Leuven. It was a repeat of Maastricht with Belgium ‘A’ playing Amsterdam in the final and coming out on top with a score of 2-05 to 2-02. Another great performance from the women who racked up a total of 28 goals and 33 points for the day and continue to lead the Benelux championship!  

The men’s team were looking to have a repeat of Maastricht after winning the competition in the first round. Belgium ‘A’ had convincing performances in the group stage by winning all three games against Luxembourg ‘B’, Dusseldorf/Leuven, and Maastricht. Belgium ‘B’ didn’t have as much success in the morning being in a tough group against Leuven, Eindhoven and Amsterdam ‘B’. This meant that Belgium ‘A’ qualified for the championship semi-final and Belgium ‘B’ had qualified for the plate semis. Belgium ‘A’ had missed out on qualifying for the final as they lost out to a strong Amsterdam side. Belgium ‘B’ were extremely unlucky not to qualify for the plate final as they were brought to extra time after conceding a last-minute goal, which eventually ended up with a loss to Nijmegen.

Overall, any day you bring back a trophy to Brussels is a good day! The woman’s team continued their flying form and it probably won’t be the last time we see a Belgium v Amsterdam matchup this season. For the men’s team, they will be looking to pick themselves up again and have their eyes on Round 3 in Leuven on May 21. Congratulations to Jenny and Rachel who lifted the trophy for the women. Áine Charlton had a great performance all day which led to Belgium getting another player of the tournament, congrats to her!

L To R: Jenny Moore, Áine Charlton (Player of the Tournament), Rachel Corcoran

Photos of the day can be found below. Thanks to Jan (Jjt Gaelforce) for capturing all the action.

Benelux Football Tournament Report: Maastricht April 10 – The Double!

A great weekend for the footballers of Belgium GAA as we saw the men’s and women’s teams winning the tournament, thus completing the double. With 11 men’s teams and 9 women’s teams competing from the Benelux region, it was an action-packed day that saw the red, black and yellow out in both codes.

The women’s team came out in exceptional numbers having 2 full teams ready for action. Belgium ‘A’ had a great morning by winning all 4 of their group games beating Luxembourg ‘A’, Amsterdam ‘B’, Eindhoven/Leuven/Maastricht, and Den Haag. Belgium ‘B’ also had a great morning by coming 2nd in their group beating Luxembourg ‘B’, and Nijmegen, with a loss to one of the favourites for the day Amsterdam ‘A’. This meant that the two Belgium teams were drawn against each other for the semi-finals. As a result of this, Belgium ‘B’ conceded to give Belgium ‘A’ a walkover so they’d be fresh for the Final against Amsterdam ‘A’. The last match of the day led to Belgium ‘A’ having a great performance winning a close encounter against a very strong Amsterdam side 1-02 to 0-02.

The men travelled in large numbers but were just short of putting together 2 teams after a couple of last-minute injuries. This meant that we were in full strength with a few lads joining up with Amsterdam ‘B’ who came joint third for the day. The men’s team started the morning by topping their group by winning all their matches against Luxembourg ‘B’, Köln/Dusseldorf, and Maastricht. Progressing to the semi-finals, they overcame Eindhoven beating them 6-04 to 1-04. For the championship final, it was business as usual with the classic matchup of Belgium v Luxembourg once again. This time Belgium came out on top with a good performance of 1-05 to 0-03. This meant that Belgium were the winners of the day and now top the Men’s Benelux Championship for the first time in years.

A very productive Saturday led to the Men’s and women’s teams completing the double for the first tournament of the season! A great day all around that saw Flo & Jenny lift the women’s trophy and Delargy & Bros raising the men’s. Both teams had great individual performances all around with congratulations to Jenny Moore and Alex Quinn who won player of the tournament in their respective codes. Next up for the footballers is a trip to Eindhoven on April 23 where both teams will be looking for a repeat of the first tournament.  

L To R: Florina Tobon Escobar (Ladies Captain), Jenny Moore (Player of the Tournament), Alex Quinn (Player of the Tournament), Liam Brosnan (Men’s Co-Captain), Ciaran Delargy (Men’s Co-Captain)

Photos of the day can be found below. Thanks to Jan (Jjt Gaelforce) for capturing all the action.

Belgium GAA Players: Duncan Casey

Duncan Casey joins us for our first episode of Belgium GAA Players! Today we discuss returning to Gaelic Football after 12 years of absence from the sport while playing Professional Rugby. Joined by Belgium GAA PRO, Seanie Ryan, the aim of these player profiles are to put some faces to our club and show what a great bunch of lads/laddies we are. Other topics discussed throughout the video include the social aspect of the club, favourite moments on the GAA pitch and how Duncan’s favourite Belgium beer is the swill we all know too well. Check out the video below:

Belgium GAA Are Recruiting For 2022

The 2022 season has started, and this year’s a big one after not being able to fully compete for the past 2 years. Our club is aiming to add to its 29 European Champions and make it past the 30 mark this year!

Are you Irish and working/studying in Belgium this year?  Keep your ties with the GAA and join our family.  We’re looking for new members for our HurlingCamogieGaelic Football and Ladies Football teams.  All skill levels are welcome.

All nationalities are welcome too. We have a total of 20 nationalities in our club and not including Cork!  Why not pick up one of our legendary Irish sports this year? We get to play in tournaments all over Europe and the craic is mighty! If you don’t know what ‘craic’ is then come down to training to find out.

Training sessions

Training is at the VUB, Boulevard de la Plaine 2, 1050 Ixelles.

Ladies Football, Men’s Football and Camogie have already started every Monday and Thursday night. With Hurling training every Monday and Thursday night beginning the 14th of March.

Mondays: 19:30–20:30
Thursdays: 20:30–21:30

Mondays: 19:30–20:45
Thursdays: 20:45–22:00

Mondays: 20:30–21:30
Thursdays: 19:30–20:30

Mondays: 20:45–22:00
Thursdays: 19:30–20:45

If you want to join up, email: