#HappyGAA meets @BelgiumGAA, in the shape of one P. Varley

Dearest ladies and men of Belgium GAA, tis the season to be on Irish National media. Beware. There’ll be even more snap happy folk this afternoon as we take on the All Stars. The photo competition will go on all day, tweet your snaps to @BelgiumGAA with the hash tag #BelgiumGAA_AllStars2014; with some snappy captionContinue reading “#HappyGAA meets @BelgiumGAA, in the shape of one P. Varley”

Wedding Bubbles? #AllIrelandFinal meets #MOTD

There are many ways in which you could arrange your wedding – but planning for September weddings when both the bride and grooms families could be described as ‘stone mad’ for hurling, well, it just adds another layer of complications. And what if the wedding was on today, in Clonmel, between Erraine’s lovely sister andContinue reading “Wedding Bubbles? #AllIrelandFinal meets #MOTD”

OOOOoorrrrmmmmmmggggg *We have another tourament in Brussels goys

Hello from Wexford, hopeful hurling and definite camogie capital of Ireland. I’ll find and source lots of photos from the weekends action in Thurles this Sunday with Belgium GAAs finest Camogie officer, Erraine Kennedy, Miss Nickie O’Pacheo and one Lulu Moylan, Belgium GAAs erstwhile Alternative-Irish-Outreach-Liaison-Officer – BUT – in the risk of sounding like someoneContinue reading “OOOOoorrrrmmmmmmggggg *We have another tourament in Brussels goys”

What if football hadn’t been invented? Prospect magazine examines the ghastly prospect

Matthew Taylor is professor of history at the International Centre for Sports History and Culture at De Montfort University and in this months edition of Prospect magazine, chiming with the World Cup extravaganza he asks the question, “What if football hadn’t been invented?”.  A meeting held on the 26th of October 1863 with representatives ofContinue reading “What if football hadn’t been invented? Prospect magazine examines the ghastly prospect”

Not lost, nor lonely, Belgium wanders to Bavaria: An Ode to München

Monday, funday. Sometimes flashes of the weekend past are all you need to power through a desk and a computer based morning, when all you can really think of, or want to think of, is the weekend you’ve had, the football played, the sights you’ve seen (HUNDREDS OF GERMANS CROSSING THE ROAD WHEN THE GREENContinue reading “Not lost, nor lonely, Belgium wanders to Bavaria: An Ode to München”

Belgium GAA tears up the Ring of Kerry Cycle

Originally posted on One Life. Two Clubs.:
Last weekend saw the participation of five current and former members of Belgium GAA in the Ring of Kerry Cycle. The heroes were Johnny Phelan, Kevin Keary, Olof Gill, Keith Stephens and Jenny Doran. The cyclists were ably assisted by their manager, Maria Brosnan, who provided logistical and…

Belgium bound for Bayern(Munich) & we need to talk about Kevin

It is cold, it is wet, it is miserable and yes, it is early July. This is unfair. It is bucketing down and wet and cold and *gasp* Belgium have been knocked out of the World Cup. Its just not fair or ok. With nights without 3 matches ahead of us, its going to beContinue reading “Belgium bound for Bayern(Munich) & we need to talk about Kevin”

“A bit Game of Thrones, isn’t it?” – GAA + Sky TV

GAA basics from Sky Sky Sports will be screening 20 live matches from this summer’s GAA championships. And while most of you will be more than familiar with the rules and regulations of Ireland’s two most popular sports, there will be some people in dire need of a beginner’s guide! With that in mind, skysports.comContinue reading ““A bit Game of Thrones, isn’t it?” – GAA + Sky TV”

Belgium Regional Football Tournament – Happy women – 12th April 2014

5 “Belgians” and the rest of the world       Ladies of Belgium GAA turned out in force for the Belgium GAA regional football tournament, with 26 players on the day ready to don the red (tigers) and grey (grey haired) jerseys of Belgium. The teams, even, faced off against themselves, and players fromContinue reading “Belgium Regional Football Tournament – Happy women – 12th April 2014”