Destination: Junkers Bunker (aka Lux)

Friday, 27th of June, 2014. A surreal day. Brussels is locked down as European Heads of State come together in the aftermath of the European Parliamentary Elections 2014/*Bun Fight 2014 – to carve up who gets what part of European Priorities/cake for the next five years, and guess who is on the head of theContinue reading “Destination: Junkers Bunker (aka Lux)”

Belgium Footballers lope down the road to Luxembourg for round 3 / finals of the Benelux regional competition

Benelux-Meeschterschaft am gälesche Fussball (This, friends, is Luxembourgish, a language not invented by three people as a joke, but a REAL LIFE ACTUAL LANGUAGE. This contradicts the constant refuting of ‘Belgian’ as a language. ‘Luxembourgish’ lives. This weekend, we’re heading down the E411 to Beggen Sports grounds outside Luxembourg City (well, not really a cityContinue reading “Belgium Footballers lope down the road to Luxembourg for round 3 / finals of the Benelux regional competition”

Amsterdam football tournament

Amsterdam takes centre stage in the European GAA calendar this weekend as the 3rd round of the Benelux Mens Championship and 2nd round of the Benelux Ladies Championship takes place on Saturday May 10th. We’re heading up at unmentionable o’clock tomorrow morning, with squads depleted by the recent rush to leave Brussels, the ongoing EuropeanContinue reading “Amsterdam football tournament”

We’re hosting the 2nd round of the Benelux regional tournaments – Saturday 12th of April 2014 – you should come!

Its that time of the year again, when the regional rounds of tournaments really start getting into gear. It’s our turn, privilege and pleasure to invite you to join us for this next round of the regional competition. The lovely lads and lassies of Belgium GAA are delighteturnd to host the 2nd round of theContinue reading “We’re hosting the 2nd round of the Benelux regional tournaments – Saturday 12th of April 2014 – you should come!”

Hard day in Luxembourg but Benelux conquered

click to enlarge (Hat tip to Conor Mulv for the montage) Full report to follow… Luxembourg – 15 June 2013- results Men´s championship   GROUP GAMES Luxembourg A (1-9) – Amsterdam A (1-7) Luxembourg (0-7) – Belgium (0-7) Belgium (4-4) – Amsterdam A (2-4)   FINAL Amsterdam (3-5) – Luxembourg A (2-6)   STANDING 1.Continue reading “Hard day in Luxembourg but Benelux conquered”

Hurling/Camogie Round 2 Luxembourg – 1 June 2013

Ladies fight back to win, while men face stern tests.  Camogie Belgium Ladies recorded a vital victory in round 2 of the Camogie Campionship, defeating Paris ladies (Belgium (4-7) – Paris (2-6)) in the final. The ladies overturned the loss from round one and are now tied with Paris at the top of the tableContinue reading “Hurling/Camogie Round 2 Luxembourg – 1 June 2013”

All roads lead to Luxembourg in June

This month the same destination is marked down in all the calendars of Belgium GAA players: Luxembourg.   With the next round in both the Hurling/Camogie and Football penciled in for Luxembourg it will be a busy month on the road south-east for Belgium GAA.   First up is the Hurling/Camogie on Saturday June 1st.Continue reading “All roads lead to Luxembourg in June”

Belgium Tournament Round-up: Results

men championship   GROUP GAMES Belgium A (4-8) – Amsterdam (0-4) Luxembourg (1-7) – Belgium (3-3) Amsterdam (1-5) – Luxembourg (2-6)   FINAL Belgium (3-11) – Luxembourg (0-7)   STANDING 1. Belgium – 25 pts 2. Luxembourg – 20 pts 3. Amsterdam – 16 pts   ladies championship   GROUP GAMES Belgium A (3-9) –Continue reading “Belgium Tournament Round-up: Results”

A brief history of Belgium GAA

Some highly recommended reading material on the history of Belgium GAA from former player, captain and trainer Eoin Sheanon for Belgium GAA A friend of mine once asked me was Belgium in Brussels or was Brussels in Belgium? Indeed. Ordinarily famed for its chocolate, the pissing boy and “the place that tells usContinue reading “A brief history of Belgium GAA”