Belgium GAA Are Recruiting For 2016

The 2016 season is almost upon us, and this year’s a big one. Our hurlers  and camogs are aiming for their 4th European Championship title in a row and our ladies footballers  are aiming for  their 9th! Are you Irish and working/studying over here   in Belgium this year?  Keep your ties with the GAA andContinue reading “Belgium GAA Are Recruiting For 2016”

All Stars you say?

  Kicking off early in the VUB, we’ll have mens, ladies, not quite ladies, not yet men’s matches all day: bring small change and notes because the formidable current players of Belgium GAA will be selling *raffle tickets* – oh yes, we’ll be doling out the prizes in Devs in the evening.   BUT –Continue reading “All Stars you say?”

Hurling and Camogie Finals 2014 – Belgium do the double

The finals of the Hurling and Camogie competitions of 2014 came to Kituro Rugby Club – and our very own Paddy Donnelly’s brother wrote this report. We thought you’d enjoy it. He promotes GAA games both at home and abroad. The final tournament of the European Hurling Championship took place in Brussels last week, withContinue reading “Hurling and Camogie Finals 2014 – Belgium do the double”

Destination: Junkers Bunker (aka Lux)

Friday, 27th of June, 2014. A surreal day. Brussels is locked down as European Heads of State come together in the aftermath of the European Parliamentary Elections 2014/*Bun Fight 2014 – to carve up who gets what part of European Priorities/cake for the next five years, and guess who is on the head of theContinue reading “Destination: Junkers Bunker (aka Lux)”

Save the date -2nd August – Camogie and Hurling Finals

Hurling&Camogie 2014 Info Packet We’re delighted to host the finals of the Camogie and Hurling competition this year. It will be held on the 2nd of August in Brussels, in the Royal Kituro Rugby Club in Ave des Jardins in Schaerbeek, Brussels 1030. The complete information pack, for your delight and delectation, is available onContinue reading “Save the date -2nd August – Camogie and Hurling Finals”

Hurlers held in Den Haag final – 1st round

Belgium’s finest hurlers travelled north for the 1st round of the European Hurling Championship, held in Den Haag. The other teams represented were Den Haag, Dresden, Vikings, Belgium GAA Paris Gaels GAA. It was a difficult day for the hurlers, who lost out in the final to the Hague, having lost two players earlier inContinue reading “Hurlers held in Den Haag final – 1st round”

St.Patrick’s Festival 2014 & One Life Two Clubs

St. Patrick’s Day, or fortnight, depending on your take on the whole national celebration thing, has become a wonderful fixture in the life of our little club. This year, 2014, was to be no different. The sun shone, people showed up, the cakes were unreal, as ever, games were played, cruciate ligaments were dispatched withContinue reading “St.Patrick’s Festival 2014 & One Life Two Clubs”

A new year, a new start, a new committee, where to begin?

Well hello there. Ahem. Can you hear me? I hope so. This post comes with apologies and with thanks. Thanks firstly to the committee members from last year for all of the hard work that they put in running the wondrous thing that is Belgium GAA, an apology for not having this updated instantly withContinue reading “A new year, a new start, a new committee, where to begin?”