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Hurling/Camogie Round 2 Luxembourg – 1 June 2013

Ladies fight back to win, while men face stern tests. 


Belgium Ladies recorded a vital victory in round 2 of the Camogie Campionship, defeating Paris ladies (Belgium (4-7) – Paris (2-6)) in the final.

The ladies overturned the loss from round one and are now tied with Paris at the top of the table heading into Round 3.

The ladies came through the group games, narrowly defeating Paris by 2 points in the first game (Belgium (2-6) – Paris (2-4)), a narrow 1 point defeat to Holland (Holland (1-8) – Belgium (2-4)), didn’t derail their progress as the ladies recovered well, to win comfortably against hosts Luxembourg (Belgium (4-8) – Luxembourg (4-0)).

The final offered a chance to stay right in the hunt for the championship against a strong Paris side. However, the ladies make no mistake taking the spoils Belgium (4-7) – Paris (2-6).


After an opening win in Paris, Belgium men looked to continue where they left off, but stern tests awaited them in Luxembourg.

In the opening game the Belgium hurlers faced a combined Zurich/Paris side, who by all accounts combined well on the day. However, Belgium had that bit extra on the combined side and ran out winners by 5 points.  (Belgium (3-8) – Zurich/Paris (3-3)).

The first examination against an improved Hague team came in the second group game, with the Hague running out winners by 5 points. (Den Haag (2-6) – Belgium (1-4)).

However, like the ladies the hurlers did not let the defeat derail their progress and recorded good wins against Luxembourg and Dresden/Cologne in their last two group games. Belgium (2-7) – Luxembourg (1-6), Belgium (4-9) – Dresden/Cologne/Düsseldorf (0-5).

The final offered a second chance against the Hague, but a few new additions to their squad made a significant difference as they defeated Belgium by Den Haag (2-13) – Belgium (0-8).


And the score breakdown



Luxembourg (4-7) Zurich/Paris (2-3)
Den Haag (4-14) – Dresden/Cologne/Düsseldorf (1-3)
Belgium (3-8) – Zurich/Paris (3-3)
Luxembourg (6-8) – Dresden/Cologne/Düsseldorf (1-5)
Den Haag (2-6) – Belgium (1-4)
Zurich/Paris (3-6) – Dresden/Cologne/Düsseldorf (2-9)
Belgium (2-7) – Luxembourg (1-6)
Den Haag (2-12) – Zurich/Paris (0-2)
Belgium (4-9) – Dresden/Cologne/Düsseldorf (0-5)
Den Haag (1-5) – Luxembourg (0-7)


Den Haag (2-13) – Belgium (0-8)


1. Den Haag – 25 pts
2. Belgium – 20 pts
3. Luxembourg – 16 pts
4. Zurich/Paris – 7,5 pts* **
5. Dresden/Cologne/Düsseldorf – pts

* Zurich & Paris shared (13+2) pts
** bonus points awarded for fielding minimum of two non-Irish born players



Holland (4-8) – Luxembourg (2-1)
Belgium (2-6) – Paris (2-4)
Paris (7-7) – Luxembourg (1-1)
Holland (1-8) – Belgium (2-4)
Belgium (4-8) – Luxembourg (4-0)
Paris (4-7) – Holland (2-10)


Belgium (4-7) – Paris (2-6)


1. Belgium – 25 pts
2. Paris – 20 pts

All roads lead to Luxembourg in June

This month the same destination is marked down in all the calendars of Belgium GAA players: Luxembourg.


With the next round in both the Hurling/Camogie and Football penciled in for Luxembourg it will be a busy month on the road south-east for Belgium GAA.


First up is the Hurling/Camogie on Saturday June 1st.


After a win in the first round in Paris the men will look to build momentum and a take a commanding lead in the competition.


While the ladies will look to avenge their narrow defeat in Paris and put themselves right back in contention.


We wish them the best of luck!!


Later in the month we head to Luxembourg again for the third and final round of the Benelux Football Competition.


The current standings are available on the website of the European County Board.

Belgium Tournament Round-up: Results

men championship


Belgium A (4-8) – Amsterdam (0-4)
Luxembourg (1-7) – Belgium (3-3)
Amsterdam (1-5) – Luxembourg (2-6)


Belgium (3-11) – Luxembourg (0-7)


1. Belgium – 25 pts
2. Luxembourg – 20 pts
3. Amsterdam – 16 pts


ladies championship


Belgium A (3-9) – Belgium B (1-5)
Belgium A (1-7) – Holland (1-15)
Belgium B (3-9) – Holland (3-8)


Belgium A (0-13) – Belgium B (1-5)


1. Belgium A – 25 pts
2. Belgium B – 20 pts
3. Holland – 16 pts


men’s shield


Belgium B (0-3) – Belgium C (3-6)
Belgium B (0-1) – Düsseldorf (1-14)


Belgium C (2-6) – Düsseldorf (3-10)




1. Düsseldorf – 25 pts
2. Belgium C – 20 pts
3. Belgium B – 16 pts

Belgium Tournament Round-up: All-Belgium Final caps a fine day in the Ladies Football.

by Janelle Mitchell (Ladies Football Officer)

We had an excellent tournament this past weekend here in Brussels.  The weather held up and we even had a bit of sun to set the stage for a great day of football.

First up was Belgium Red (i.e. Tigers) vs. Belgium Grey (i.e. Old School Jerseys).  We were playing 11-a-side for this one and the intensity from both teams made for a thrilling match.  Tied at half, Belgium Red pulled ahead for the win in the late stages of the game.

Next up, Belgium Red was taking on the ever-competitive Holland.  Again, both teams looked even through half with players like Linde, Maeve, Micheala, and Rosie stepping up their games both defensively and offensively.  After an interesting switch of positions by Holland (Rose moved back to cover Ciara), the tigers were able to pull away and put up both goals and points in the second half FTW (for the win!).

After this, Holland took on Belgium Grey.  Bros made her return up front and enjoyed all things forwards hope for: points!  This match was quite back and forth and nearing the final minutes of regulation, was all squared up and tied.  With the home crowd on their side and those old-school jerseys to boot, Belgium Grey was able to come out on top setting the stage for an all-Belgium final!


The final: back to 11-a-side with tired legs and minds ready to duke it out for the title.  It was A vs A in goals (Anna vs. Aine), captain Aisling vs. captain Ciara, Tigers vs. Oldies, etc.  And a solid final it was!  Belgium lines up quite well against Belgium – well all know each others strengths and weaknesses.  We know what pisses our opponent off, we know who is deadly around the goals, we know the little things that we may not normally know about our opponents.  And so we were off, with both teams converting points and goals early on.  As the sun was beginning to brighten, so did the ‘fire’ in the bellies of the Tigers and tournament all-star Anay used her ‘spin-a-rama’ move to put the points over.  The Tigers pulled away and were able to hold on to the late push by the Greys FTW.



Ladies, all around a successful tourny.  It is a pleasure watching and playing next to/against each and every one of you.  I think the level at which we played was a testament to the competitiveness and commitment of this club.  Special shout out to all of you who helped out in making the day run smoothly with all the odds and ends that needed to be done and/or baked.



Belgium A (3-9) – Belgium B (1-5)

Belgium A (1-7) – Holland (1-15)

Belgium B (3-9) – Holland (3-8)


Belgium A (0-13) – Belgium B (1-5)

Kelly drops by for master class


Sean Kelly MEP with Belgium GAA players Kevin Keary, Darragh Loftus and brothers Enda and Frank McNamara.

Brothers Enda and Frank McNamara from Ballyhea in Co Cork, who are working in Brussels and playing hurling and football for Belgium GAA listen to special guest coach Sean Kelly MEP, a former GAA President.
Former GAA President, Sean Kelly MEP, recently held a master class in Gaelic football for European sports experts and EU officials, including those from Ireland South, at a special event hosted under the Irish EU Presidency in Brussels.

The EU Sports Platform event took place outside the landmark European Parliament buildings in Brussels, with large crowd present for the unique demonstration of the Gaelic game.