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Belgium GAA Christmas Quiz

The European Camogie and Hurling Champions Belgium GAA would like to invite you to our Christmas Table Quiz Fundraiser!

It will be a great night with own quizmaster extraordinaire and prizes on the night!

It’s just 5 euro per person with a maximum of 5 people per team.

Make life easy and book a table for your team in advance by e-mailing

So please invite all friends, family, co-workers and quiz lovers to the 6 Nations Bar (48-50 Rue Gretry) on Wednesday the 18th of December at 8pm.

Double delight as Belgium GAA are crowned European Hurling and Camogie Champions

A dramatic day ended with the hurlers taking the European crown in the dying minutes in a tight final against The Hague, winning by just one point. The final whistle marked a unique double for the club on the Hurling/Camogie front as the ladies also took their championship on the final day despite a narrow loss to Holland in the final.

An incredible amount of work and effort has gone into sustaining and developing hurling and camogie in Belgium GAA and the results today speak volumes of the efforts of code officers, trainers and of course players who racked up visits to Paris, Luxembourg and Zurich on their road to victory.


Congratulations to all involved. More in depth reports and pictures will follow in the Belgium GAA Newsletter in September.







Belgium 4-6 v Luxembourg 1-4
Belgium 1-3 v Holland 0-8
Holland 4-6 v Luxembourg 2-3







Dresden 0-5 v Belgium 5-7
Luxembourg 2-3 v The Hague 3-17

Paris 1-1 v Dresden 2-12
Belgium 0-5 v The Hague 1-12

The Hague 6-9 v Dresden 0-5
Luxembourg 8-15 v Paris 0-3


Belgium 6-12 v Paris 2-3

Luxembourg 7-9 v Dresden 1-4

The Hague 6-22 v Paris 0-3
Belgium 3-9 v Luxembourg 0-2





Ladies start Pan-Euro quest on the right foot with dominant win in Maastricht


Belgium Ladies traveled to Maastricht on Saturday last for the first Pan euro tournament of the year.

We had a strong panel of 14 traveling who were very happy with the reasonable time of departure from Schuman compared to recent trips!


It was a glorious sunny Saturday and we were looking forward to the day ahead.


Our first match was against Paris Gaels, a tough start to the day. We got off to a good solid start and played with intent. We were switched on from the beginning which was great to see compared to tournaments in the past. We scored some wonderful points and were patient with our general attacking play. Mids supported both backs and forwards superbly with the backs even getting on the score board often! We didn’t switch off once even towards the end with the backs and goalkeeper minding the line very well. We won 0-17 – 0-2 with plenty to take from the performance, especially the high amount of points and the determination to stop Paris scoring.


Next match – Holland ladies. In fairness both Paris and Holland were missing players, but it was up to us to push on and take advantage of this. We were wary of Holland’s forwards and midfielders, not knowing where certain players would line out but knowing we had to quality and strategy to tackle that wherever they did.


We lined out 7 a side so we expected an intense match. We started well with the backs taking some nice points. Holland were not winning their kickouts ( our kick outs were strong credit to goalie!) and we punished them. At half time we were not as far ahead as she should have been but in the second half we drove on winning 4-15 – 1-4. Holland threatened to be dangerous on the attack so we were kept on our toes right to the finish. As we traveled with a big panel we had the big advantage of players coming on and off, therefore keeping the legs fresh. Next up after a rather tasty lunch break was Luxembourg. A team in development with another Waterville woman! 😉 We decided to change it up a little bit position wise. We still went into the game with the right attitude as it was our last match before the final. We won 5-10 – 0-2.


So again we faced Paris Gaels in the final who for sure were fired up to have another go at us. We knew that we were in a good position given out strong performances throughout the day. We were doing the simple things right and taking some good scores. However, Paris started the brighter with us a little slow off the mark. Nerves perhaps. We were a bit hesitant. However Grainne Ni Fhlatharta burst up to take a well-timed goal which settled us massively. We drove on from there despite Paris taking some nice points. We didn’t slow down and they didn’t either. It was a heated affair at times but that’s to be expected against Paris. We kept the heads. Gradually the scores came with some more nicely taken late goals and we ran out 4-11 – 0-6 winners in the end.


It was a good solid victory and great to get the first pan euro under the belt. Sadly, it was the final tournament for three ladies who were excellent on the day (even for 6 long years 🙂 Maria, Brighid and Sorcha. We will miss ye greatly on the pitch and certainly off it! A big congrats to Maria who won player of the tournament for a great day in goal and up in the forwards!! Many thanks also to John Brennan (accompanied by Mary) and Pete for helping us so well on the sideline. Thanks to Sylvia who agreed to play with another team, Lux, which helped with numbers and to all the girls in general for having the right attitude on a day where we ended up playing mainly 7 a side with a large team. Every girl played good football and gave a super example of playing the game in the right spirit.


So now off to Paris on September 14th for what will surely be a tougher day out. Let’s keep it going and build from a good team performance in Maastricht!!


Aisling and Ciara

GAA wins European Citizen’s Prize 2013 – as nominated by Sean Kelly MEP

[Words by European County Board] 


I am delighted to announce that the Gaelic Athletic Association has become the first Irish winner of the European Citizen’s Prize (2013)’, Sean Kelly MEP confirmed today. 

“The honour represents an international tribute to the GAA’s massive contribution to citizens in Europe. The Association is a wonderful example of our European ideals of volunteerism, citizenship and promotion of healthy pastimes for young people,” Mr Kelly, a former GAA President said.

He stressed the prize’s relevance to both the 2011 European Year of Volunteering, as it is the largest voluntary organisation in Ireland, with over 250,000 people volunteering on a weekly basis through the GAA. 

The GAA will be awarded a special medal during a dedicated awards ceremony to be held in Ireland later this year. The Association will also showcase its organisation at the European Parliament in Brussels at a further European Citizen’s Prize ceremony with other winners on 16-17th October 2013.

The European Citizen’s Prize was launched by the European Parliament in 2008 to recognise the exceptional achievements of individuals, groups or organisations each year.


Elections for a new chair

As our chair Maria Brosnan will be leaving Brussels for a new job position back in Ireland, every registered club member is more than welcome to submit their nomination for the position of a Chair.

Please send half a page summary outlining how you see BGAA club and yourself in it, and how you could contribute to its development as a new Chair.

The nominations should be send to by 08 July (Monday COB).

The nominations will then be considered by the Exec Committee and the results will be made known within two weeks time.


Thanks and good luck!:)

Hard day in Luxembourg but Benelux conquered

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(Hat tip to Conor Mulv for the montage)

Full report to follow…

Luxembourg – 15 June 2013- results

Men´s championship


Luxembourg A (1-9) – Amsterdam A (1-7)
Luxembourg (0-7) – Belgium (0-7)
Belgium (4-4) – Amsterdam A (2-4)


Amsterdam (3-5) – Luxembourg A (2-6)


1. Amsterdam – 25 pts
2. Luxembourg A – 20 pts
3. Belgium – 13 pts*


*3pts less per loan of weekend players



ladies championship


Holland Ladies (4-1) – Luxembourg (0-0)
Belgium A (0-10) – Belgium B (2-8)
Luxembourg (0-2) – Belgium B (1-15)
Holland Ladies (2-18) – Belgium A (2-6)
Luxembourg (0-1) – Belgium A (3-10)
Holland Ladies (0-5) – Belgium B (1-?)


3/4th PLAY-OFF
Belgium A (3-10) – Luxembourg (1-1)


Holland Ladies (4-6) – Belgium B (0-3)


1. Holland Ladies – 25 pts
2. Belgium B – 20 pts
3. Belgium A – 16 pts
4. Luxembourg – 13 pts


men’s shield


Belgium B (1-10) – Luxembourg B (0-1)
Frankfurt (0-3) – Dusseldorf (2-9)
Belgium B (2-6) – Eindhoven (2-6)
Luxembourg B (1-5) – Frankfurt (1-2)
Dusseldorf (2-7) – Eindhoven (1-5)
Belgium B (2-6) – Frankfurt (2-2)
Luxembourg B (2-2) – Eindhoven (6-3)
Belgium B (2-4) – Dusseldorf (4-12)
Frankfurt (4-3) – Eindhoven (1-7)
Luxembourg B (1-2) – Dusseldorf (2-3)


3/4th PLAY-OFF
Eindhoven 5-8 Luxembourg B 1-2


Dusseldorf 1-9 Belgium B 2-3



1. Düsseldorf – 25 pts
2. Belgium B – 20 pts
3. Eindhoven – 16 pts
4. Luxembourg B – ?? pts* TBC
5. Frankfurt – 11 pts

*Loan of weekend player

Hurling/Camogie Round 2 Luxembourg – 1 June 2013

Ladies fight back to win, while men face stern tests. 


Belgium Ladies recorded a vital victory in round 2 of the Camogie Campionship, defeating Paris ladies (Belgium (4-7) – Paris (2-6)) in the final.

The ladies overturned the loss from round one and are now tied with Paris at the top of the table heading into Round 3.

The ladies came through the group games, narrowly defeating Paris by 2 points in the first game (Belgium (2-6) – Paris (2-4)), a narrow 1 point defeat to Holland (Holland (1-8) – Belgium (2-4)), didn’t derail their progress as the ladies recovered well, to win comfortably against hosts Luxembourg (Belgium (4-8) – Luxembourg (4-0)).

The final offered a chance to stay right in the hunt for the championship against a strong Paris side. However, the ladies make no mistake taking the spoils Belgium (4-7) – Paris (2-6).


After an opening win in Paris, Belgium men looked to continue where they left off, but stern tests awaited them in Luxembourg.

In the opening game the Belgium hurlers faced a combined Zurich/Paris side, who by all accounts combined well on the day. However, Belgium had that bit extra on the combined side and ran out winners by 5 points.  (Belgium (3-8) – Zurich/Paris (3-3)).

The first examination against an improved Hague team came in the second group game, with the Hague running out winners by 5 points. (Den Haag (2-6) – Belgium (1-4)).

However, like the ladies the hurlers did not let the defeat derail their progress and recorded good wins against Luxembourg and Dresden/Cologne in their last two group games. Belgium (2-7) – Luxembourg (1-6), Belgium (4-9) – Dresden/Cologne/Düsseldorf (0-5).

The final offered a second chance against the Hague, but a few new additions to their squad made a significant difference as they defeated Belgium by Den Haag (2-13) – Belgium (0-8).


And the score breakdown



Luxembourg (4-7) Zurich/Paris (2-3)
Den Haag (4-14) – Dresden/Cologne/Düsseldorf (1-3)
Belgium (3-8) – Zurich/Paris (3-3)
Luxembourg (6-8) – Dresden/Cologne/Düsseldorf (1-5)
Den Haag (2-6) – Belgium (1-4)
Zurich/Paris (3-6) – Dresden/Cologne/Düsseldorf (2-9)
Belgium (2-7) – Luxembourg (1-6)
Den Haag (2-12) – Zurich/Paris (0-2)
Belgium (4-9) – Dresden/Cologne/Düsseldorf (0-5)
Den Haag (1-5) – Luxembourg (0-7)


Den Haag (2-13) – Belgium (0-8)


1. Den Haag – 25 pts
2. Belgium – 20 pts
3. Luxembourg – 16 pts
4. Zurich/Paris – 7,5 pts* **
5. Dresden/Cologne/Düsseldorf – pts

* Zurich & Paris shared (13+2) pts
** bonus points awarded for fielding minimum of two non-Irish born players



Holland (4-8) – Luxembourg (2-1)
Belgium (2-6) – Paris (2-4)
Paris (7-7) – Luxembourg (1-1)
Holland (1-8) – Belgium (2-4)
Belgium (4-8) – Luxembourg (4-0)
Paris (4-7) – Holland (2-10)


Belgium (4-7) – Paris (2-6)


1. Belgium – 25 pts
2. Paris – 20 pts

All roads lead to Luxembourg in June

This month the same destination is marked down in all the calendars of Belgium GAA players: Luxembourg.


With the next round in both the Hurling/Camogie and Football penciled in for Luxembourg it will be a busy month on the road south-east for Belgium GAA.


First up is the Hurling/Camogie on Saturday June 1st.


After a win in the first round in Paris the men will look to build momentum and a take a commanding lead in the competition.


While the ladies will look to avenge their narrow defeat in Paris and put themselves right back in contention.


We wish them the best of luck!!


Later in the month we head to Luxembourg again for the third and final round of the Benelux Football Competition.


The current standings are available on the website of the European County Board.