Better late than never: Guernsey 2011

Note from the editor: Last year, I received this article about the football tournament in Guernsey for submission to a newsletter that never came about. It’s about time that the article was published in a public forum and what better time than the day before the first tournament of the year and the day beforeContinue reading “Better late than never: Guernsey 2011”

Belgium Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple

(Photo courtesy of Laura Whiskerd)(Reportage by Irene Kirwan, also published on On 1st October, 8 teams gathered in Orangeburg, up-state New York for the Young Ireland’s 40th annual 7-a-side camogie tournament. Two teams each from Toronto, Baltimore, and Boston, joined New York and Belgium at the recently developed pitches at the Rockland GAAContinue reading “Belgium Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple”

Hurling/Camogie – Round Three – Zurich – 25 June 2011

The 2011 convoy of Belgians to Zurich was conducted en voiture, as opposed to last year’s Great Train Journey. This year’s odyssey had two immediate results. Firstly the camogiers (pictured below) won their third tournament of the year and in doing so, retained the European Championship ahead of their home and final tournament in LeuvenContinue reading “Hurling/Camogie – Round Three – Zurich – 25 June 2011”

European Hurling and Camogie Finals – Belgium – 23 July 2011

European Hurling and Camogie Finals – Belgium – 23 July 2011 (photo courtesy of Anna Bates) For a weekend, Belgium was the home of hurling and camogie. In Europe, at least. We even had Joe McDonagh to serenade us with The West’s Awake from the pulpit of De Valera’s. Some early organisational glitches aside (toContinue reading “European Hurling and Camogie Finals – Belgium – 23 July 2011”

The House Always Wins…

The House Always Wins 13 July 2011 – The gentlemen footballers of Belgium GAA were in the mood for fundraising/fleecing of late. With this in mind, they organised that most GAA of occasions, a Race Night. School night be damned, the whole club and more turned up in De Valeras to throw their money toContinue reading “The House Always Wins…”

Belgium Conquers Germany and Spain

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” If Charles Dickens was a member of Belgium GAA, he might have rewritten A Tale of Two Cities, basing it in Frankfurt and Barcelona on the weekend of 11 June 2011, and making that first paragraph dramatically more positive. But he wasn’t, andContinue reading “Belgium Conquers Germany and Spain”

Football Round One: Luxembourg 2011

Saturday 9 April 2011 saw Belgium GAA face scorching temperatures and strong oppostion in Luxembourg. The first round of the mens Benelux championship and the ladies pan-European championship took place in Berbourg. It was a long day, punctuated by sunburn and ambulances.The mens teams were divided evenly for the day, with the A team comingContinue reading “Football Round One: Luxembourg 2011”

Kelly getting stuck into European GAA

(The following is an article by Belgium GAA’s own Dave Barrett, published on on 6 April 2011) It’s nearly two years since former GAA President Sean Kelly was elected to the European Parliament. In that time he’s also served as Honorary President of Belgium GAA. This week he tells JOE about the challenges facingContinue reading “Kelly getting stuck into European GAA”

Fundraising with Belgium GAA

(back row, l-r): JP Mulherin, Dermot Bergin, Fergal Mythen, Kevin Keary, Sinead Fitzsimons, Laura Whiskerd, Anay Rios and Gráinne Ní Fhlatharta (front row, l-r): Marian O’ Malley, Jess O’ Flynn, Jane Brennan Missing from photo: Caoimhe Ní Shuilleabháin Congratulations to the Belgium GAA members who ran the Dendermonde 10K race on Sunday 20 March, raisingContinue reading “Fundraising with Belgium GAA”

A New Year, A New Season…But First, An AGM

January, the most depressing month of the year, is drawing to a close. With spring only around the corner, Belgium GAA is waking up from its winter hibernation, squinting up at the slightest hint of sun in the sky, stretching its lazy limbs and proclaiming itself ready to get back to work. Before the torturousContinue reading “A New Year, A New Season…But First, An AGM”