Belgium GAA and the Earls of Leuven GAA to co-host the next round of the European Hurling/Camogie Championship

PRESS RELEASE | 26/08/2022

The second round of the European Hurling/Camogie Championship will be held on September 3rd in Leuven. The tournament, co-hosted by Belgium GAA and the Earls of Leuven, will see teams compete from all over Europe with approximately 200 men and women making the trip to Leuven. The event will take place at Sportkot – Heverlee, Leuven, with an approximate time of 09:00 am-17:00 pm and is free to enter.

Hurling (men) and Camogie (women) are some of Ireland’s native Gaelic games and ancient Irish sports that are thought to have been played for over 3,000 years. Hurling and Camogie in Europe are administered by Gaelic Games Europe (GGE). They are played throughout the world and are popular among members of the Irish diaspora and locals in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America and Asia. The sport is considered the “fastest field sport in the world” due to the high velocity the sliotar (ball) can achieve during play.

This will be the third Gaelic Games event in Leuven this Summer. In April, The Earls of Leuven welcomed the students of Europe for the first-ever Collegiate games. In May, the Earls hosted the third round of the Benelux Football Championship. Although it’s a first for the Earls, Belgium GAA has hosted pan-European hurling & camogie tournaments in the past, most recently in 2019.

Irish Ambassador to Belgium, Kevin Conmy, will also be in attendance on the day. Both the Earls of Leuven and Belgium GAA are sure this tournament will be gripping and exciting the hurling and camogie players putting on a great display!

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