Belgium GAA Mid-Season Soiree BBQ: What’s 15 in French?

With the smell of suncream in the air, Belgium GAA hosted a mid-season soiree BBQ in the ‘difficult’ conditions of 34-degree heat. The BBQ was held at the VUB with everyone spending most of their time in the shade while enjoying some warm cans and great food. A few games of  Kubb and Spikeball (Seanie Ryan & Baynes undefeated) with a great playlist in the background from DJ John Mc.

Excellent food was provided and a shoutout to all the people who volunteered in setting up, cooking, and cleaning on the day as it wasn’t easy! Another shoutout to some of the organisers: Aidan Walsh, John McClean, Me (Seanie Ryan), Ronan Quinn, Mary Anne Issacs and the rest of the Committee. Cheers to Baynes doing everyone a solid by collecting and delivering all the burgers, sausages and salads. Thanks to everyone who came and made the day a great enjoyable day out. Now, what everyone has come to see from clicking this article: Pictures! Please see all the photos from the day and always tag the club (be like @rootoloot).

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