#HappyGAA meets @BelgiumGAA, in the shape of one P. Varley

Dearest ladies and men of Belgium GAA, tis the season to be on Irish National media. Beware. There’ll be even more snap happy folk this afternoon as we take on the All Stars. The photo competition will go on all day, tweet your snaps to @BelgiumGAA with the hash tag #BelgiumGAA_AllStars2014; with some snappy caption too. Between TV3’s @Brosie8/Maria Brosnan, Elaine’s family wedding in the Irish Times, and now this, we’re just a terribly photogenic, telegenic, media coverage friendly sort of bunch of people. But the point of this post?

One P Varley losing his mind in the crowd as Galway equalised in one of this summers stunners. 


More of this inimitable celebration dance can be seen on RTE’s #HappyGAA show of last night – from 1min 40 seconds in.

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