An Open Letter to the All-Stars

It’s that time of year again….

One Life. Two Clubs.

Dear All-Stars,

It’s that time of year. You’re coming back.

You have a big role to play on Saturday and you know it. Your job – a very important one – is to remind the guys and girls that line out for Belgium GAA in 2014 that they have a lot to live up to; that they are keeping the jersey warm for the next group coming through; that it should mean as much to the current crop to play for this club as it did and still does to you.

You will do that in a variety of ways – by booking flights and taking days off work; by making the long journey over to Belgium; by wiring into the current team on the pitch, preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead of them in Maastricht next month.

It is precisely because the All-Stars is an event of…

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