World Cup 2014 – allez les diables rouges/up de rode duivels/don’t know how you say this in German…

Belgian Red Devils
Belgian Red Devils

From one red wearing Belgian sports team to another, cannot wait for the Belgium v. Algeria match in the world cup  tomorrow. Group H kicks off with ‘our’ match at 18h00 – and despite the Mayor of Ixelles banning any outside showing of the matches, and the Communal Counsel of Brussels and Yvan Mayeur (PS) have decided not to allow shops to sell alcohol in the central area of town (though BYOB is completely welcome and ok apparently) the best bets to watch the matches in terms of atmosphere and location (*barring the wonderful sponsors of Belgium GAA, DeVs) is up at Heisel – at the Stade Roi Baudoin. Here, the matches will be shown for free on big screens – and it should be really great.

Group H - World Cup - Belgium
Group H – World Cup – Belgium

Here’s one of our resident Belgians, Linde, up at the stadium earlier this month – look how happy she looks 🙂

Linde loves the Red Devils
Linde loves the Red Devils


To get to the stadium, the STIB are  your best bet. Doors open 3 hours before the match kicks off, so will be open from 15h00 tomorrow.

Koning Boudewijnstadion
Marathonlaan 135
120 Brussels

Failing that, there are a few large screens dotted around town. These are all mapped out here.

Annnnnnnnnnd to make sure you’re more than ready to join in the shouting tomorrow, here is the utter enigma that is La Brabanconne (*Belgian National Anthem, trilingual wonder)


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