Dendermonde done! Damzels dash for dosh decided! Deepest dankes to all who donated!

It’s just that the 10kms in Dendermonde took so much out of me that its taken this long to update you on our wonderful flit around the Flemish countryside.


Picture the scene…we’re there at the starting line, music blarning, all wearing our race numbers and our lovely Belgian GAA tops, when all of a sudden, the heavens open, and we get lashed with not rain, not hail, but with snow, sleet and hailstones. While coralled into a confined space. Talk about experiencing all of the weather that you possibly could in a day.

dendermonde yips
(c) Jenny Good – not without some trepidation

There were different aproaches to departing for the begining of the race…some late arrivals to the meeting point dashed off into the sunset, others pushed on ahead, and some others were just distraced by the crowds, the songs, the rain and the bagpipers to really take in that there was quite a while to go before the race would be run. Some seasonsed runners, some debutants, but all determined to get this thing done, we set off. . . and what incredibly was just over an hour (or well under an hour later, depending on who you were) it was all over! Delicious burgers were devoured later on that evening as a recompense for the days effort, though in retrospect, we wouldn’t really recomend the somewhat relaxed service in L’ Amour Fou…

We undertook this venture as an effort to fundraise for the club, but also for an assoiciation near and dear to our hearts, SUAS Educational Development. Thanks to the generosity of the families, friends, ex-coaches, mothers, brothers, sisters, lovers, ex-secretaries and the like, we’re on schedule to meet the fundraising target that we set for ourselves  – a whopping € 2,405.00 has been donated, and will be shared 50/50 with Belgium GAA and with SUAS.

Check out the happy sweaty smiley faces! THANK YOU so much for your support!

Dendermonde danke
(c) Jenny Good

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