A New Year, A New Season…But First, An AGM

January, the most depressing month of the year, is drawing to a close. With spring only around the corner, Belgium GAA is waking up from its winter hibernation, squinting up at the slightest hint of sun in the sky, stretching its lazy limbs and proclaiming itself ready to get back to work.

Before the torturous training sessions can take place, a bit of housekeeping has to be looked after, in the form of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Kevin Keary will chair the AGM in the European Parliament on Tuesday 25 January 2011 at 19h (if you need a card to gain access to the EP, please email Kevin on kevinkeary@gmail.com).

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting and to take advantage of the opportunity to get active in the committee. In the words of Chairman Keary, “It is important to have fresh involvement, so all members of the club – new school, old school or any school – are welcome to express their interest“.

See you there!


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